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Our mission at Hello World is to impact the evolution of technology while creating an enjoyable and equitable workplace

our values

Communication - We listen for understanding first & value transparency.

Adapting - We value flexibility & adaptability in response to ever-changing needs, projects & processes.

Tenacious Learning - We are always learning and look forward to the next opportunity to grow.

Self Awareness - We believe there is always more to learn & we value all perspectives.

Understanding People - We want to know what people want, not just what they say.

Integrity - We always act honestly and with the best intentions.

Teamwork - We are inspired by a shared sense of purpose to help each other out.

our team

jeff browning

Senior Developer

Kenya Budd

kenya budd

Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Consultant

Kaiser Keenmon

kaiser keenmon

Senior Developer

Dan Linn

dan linn


Mary Marks

mary marks

Project Coordinator

mike price

Senior Developer